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You can have our spreadsheet to use even if you do not end up one of our clients. No reason not to be sure your case is well organized. Enter your details below and we will link you to the download page for our free "Master Exhibit and Witness Spreadsheet" document in Microsoft Word format. It's the same tool we use!

Eliminate stress: don't overlook anything in your divorce or dissolution.


When we talk with our divorce and dissolution clients, almost to the person we hear their worry that some fact or argument will be missed from their case. They worry that something will be overlooked and they will not be able to find a way forward after divorce.

Over the years, we have refined various spreadsheets and check lists we use to prepare a divorce or dissolution. The great part about these tools is that they also let the client have input in the facts and arguments. Giving clients that bit of comfort eliminates some of that worry. By eliminating the worry, clients can make better decisions as the case progresses. And they can sleep a bit better at night.

Imagine this divorce. See how easy you can eliminate stress.

Deciding to end a marriage can be stressful but it should not be frightening. Imagine for a minute that not only are you trying to raise a family and run a household but now you are doing it without your spouse and with half the income. Plus, you now feel the stress of court hearings and lawyer consults. That is never a great place to be when making important life decisions.

Let's eliminate that stress – so you can focus on your family while your divorce or dissolution is moving through the process.

What is missing from that preparation? The things that matter to you.

Divorces and dissolutions can move at awkward speeds sometimes. So, it is best to spend some time identifying the facts that matter to you. With that, you can also better identify the exhibits and witnesses that you think important for your lawyer to think through.

Use the tools we use.

Now, we do not take every divorce or dissolution case. And not every potential client finds us to be the perfect fit. But, for free you can have our Exhibit and Witness Spreadsheet. It is in Microsoft Word so you can adjust it for your case. It should help you and your lawyer put "the things that matter to you" back into the conversation.